Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy end of summer!

So, the cooler nights are starting, and fall weddings are just around the corner. Which means you might be planning a fall-season bridal shower.

What's the big, new trend in fall season bridal showers? It's not decorating with pumpkins and gourds! Actually, it's skipping the at-home party and going with everyone to a fabulous family farm where you can pick your own apples or pumpkins, drink hot apple cider, climb trees to get that perfect Golden Delicious apple, take a hayride, maybe even ride horses depending on how cool your local farm is.

This is such a hot trend that city-bound bridal parties are taking everyone on the train to get to farm country!

You'll have a blast in this great weather, load everyone up with fresh apple pies to take home, stop somewhere for a great lunch, and avoid all of those cliche bridal shower games!

Can't find a farm? Than how about a farm team? It's playoff season for minor-league baseball teams, and the tickets are insanely inexpensive -- especially if you have a big group, with the guys invited along. At my local ballpark [Go Patriots!], you can rent a VIP skybox, have your party catered, and have the bride and groom announced onto the field to participate in various races and games. The mascot will usually pop into the party, too.

If you ask me, fall is a great time for bridal showers!!

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