Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome to World's Best Bridesmaid!

Hello! Sharon Naylor here -- I'm the author of over 35 wedding books, and a few of those are books specifically for you, the excited bridesmaid-to-be looking forward to being the World's Best Bridesmaid.
If you've been a bridesmaid before, you know the drill. You've been through the process of buying a dress that you might or might not love. You've hosted a bridal shower. You've walked down the aisle escorted by a mouth-breathing, moron groomsman. Great news for you! I have all-new information on being a resources, new ways to save you money, new inspiration for bridal showers, new details on planning from a distance. Details on organic wedding supplies and dresses, socially-responsible party planning and products, the best new jewelry, and...yes, shoes.
If you're a newbie, you'll get all the same information, plus the basics on what you need to do to be a fabulous bridesmaid. And diplomacy advice for dealing with Mean Girl bridesmaids in your circle, bossy brides, and others.
In the coming days, weeks and months, you'll get the chance to WIN free copies of my books -- either for you or as gifts for the bride and groom -- and you'll also get the chance to win fun things from many of my contacts in the wedding and beauty industries.
Visit my website to see more about my books, and write me directly with any questions you might have. I'll post the best questions (using your first name only, or a fake name if you prefer) here.
You're here on Day 1...come on over to my site to meet me, and then get ready to get all the inside answers and secrets that other bridesmaids just don't have.

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